Get more with Spliti

No more manual splitting of bills and hoarding of receipts


Stop hoarding paper receipts in your wallet.


No more manual counting and waiting in queues.


No disagreements over payment between you and your mates.


Upload receipts

Forget about hoarding paper receipts. Spliti lets you, and your buddies, pick your items from a scanned receipt.

With Spliti, you have all your receipts stored in one place and available at any time.

Invite your friends

Invite friends to a created event where you can quickly and seamlessly add receipts using a QR code.

This way, you get an overview of all the receipts and items you’ve paid for within the event, and it’s just as easy for each one of you to select the items you want to pay for.


Keep track of your expenses

With Spliti, you have an overview of your current balance and all incoming and outgoing payments.

You have information on who and how much money should send to you or to whom and how much money you should send.

Pay with a single click

No more waiting in queues to pay your bill or manual calculations.

Spliti does all this for you, and you can also take advantage of one-click payment generating through Payme.


Subscription offer

Noob 💩

The “Noob” subscription version is suitable for people who want to use the basic functionalities of the app, such as scanning QR codes, paying with Payme and splitting items between up to 3 people. And most importantly, it’s free for everyone.


The “PRO” subscription version will be especially popular with enthusiasts of the latest technologies, people who like to spend time with friends over a good meal, and last but not least, those who are tired of waiting for their receipt to be split. This version is ad-free and also includes the ability to create groups with friends and unlimited spending.

Legend 👑

If you’re a hardcore enjoyer of new technologies, want to be the first to know what’s new and like to keep your spending in order, the “Legend” subscription version is for you! This version includes early access to all new features, so you won’t miss anything!

What does Spliti offer you?

💩 Creating events

💩 Adding friends to events

💩 Adding receipts to events using a QR code

💩 Option to add a photo of the physical receipt

💩 Splitting expenses between up to 3 people

💩 Equal and unequal distribution of expenses

💩 Calculating your total cost per receipt/event

💩 Payments using Payme

💩 Payment/event timeline

💩 In app notifications

💩 Payment notification

😎 Completely ad-free

😎 Creating groups of friends

😎 Splitting expenses between an unlimited number of friends

👑 Early access to new features

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